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3D Printing services in UAE – Bridging the gap at its best!!

 3D Printing services in UAE – 3D printing technology already made a prominent place for itself in almost every industries, from engineering, aerospace, medical, construction…you just name it !! 3D Printing has the potential to become a bridging tool between what we were searching for… Laterally, now 3D Printed Bridges are making news!! And that […]


Boat Hull 3D Printing Dubai, UAE – Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai

Boat Hull 3D Printing Dubai – 3D Printing or additive manufacturing technology is making a huge impact on manufacturing and related industries. A new study by HP in partnership with 3dbpm Research found that additive manufacturing (AM) is playing a significant role in enabling this transition. According to the AM Trends in EMEA study, which analyzed key digital manufacturing […]


3D Printed Ball wheels… set to roll out on roads!!

3D Printed ball wheels – How about “reinventing the wheel”? sounds funny? James Bruton applied Emerson’s philosophy to actual wheels and by using the help of 3D Printing, he produced excellent ball wheel prototypes that will change the way we think about wheels. 3D Printed Ball Wheels In Simple words, this project is that, where […]

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