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Additive Manufacturing Dubai

Additive Manufacturing Dubai – Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing has been identified as one of the key technologies to improve the industrial competitiveness. It is considered as 3D Printing has the significant potential to enhance manufacturing capabilities to all sectors.  Low-maintenance, reduced logistics and improved sustainability are factors of major attractions of this technology. The […]


Affordable 3D Printing Services Dubai – Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai

Affordable 3D Printing Services Dubai Guaranteed – The terms 3D Printing services and additive manufacturing includes various manufacturing processes and can produce objects from different material options. There are many material options are available of 3D Printing services according to the demand or requirement of customers. These materials offers diverse in physical characteristics of applications […]


Best 3D Printing company in UAE – Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai

Best 3D Printing company in UAE – Additive manufacturing, better known as 3D Printing is now finding space in mars!! World is realizing the endless Potential of 3D Printing technology. Additive Manufacturing is an excellent manufacturing tool for cost control and a real time saver. Best 3D Printing Company in UAE 3D Printed parts are […]


Best Additive manufacturing Dubai – IRIS 3D Printing Dubai

Additive Manufacturing Dubai –  Recent developments in additive manufacturing – 3D Printing is just amazing. GE has now announced that their 3D printed metal jet engine sump cover has received USAF airworthiness certification, adding another feather in the cap of 3D Printing in aviation field. There are other parts already done with additive manufacturing, but […]


3D Printed Ball wheels… set to roll out on roads!!

3D Printed ball wheels – How about “reinventing the wheel”? sounds funny? James Bruton applied Emerson’s philosophy to actual wheels and by using the help of 3D Printing, he produced excellent ball wheel prototypes that will change the way we think about wheels. 3D Printed Ball Wheels In Simple words, this project is that, where […]


3D Printed Molds for Concrete Facades… Cool Looking buildings!!

3D Printed molds for concrete facades – Building Facades forms our first and best impression towards a construction and often takes its face value. Facades definitely plays a vital role on the impression and also, it helps the construction to be environment friendly and sustainable. Facades can help to create a more comfortable interior by […]


3D Printed Furniture in Dubai is the best trend !!

3D Printed Furniture in Dubai – Without any doubt, 3D Printed furniture are the trend of the town now. 3D Printing is giving complete designing flexibility to furniture designers and is environment friendly. At IRIS 3D Printing Dubai, we offer 3D Printed furniture to our customers on durable and quality material. We use seasonal proof […]


3D Printing…!! with what 3d printing materials?

3D Printing Materials – As working with 3D Printing technology, most common question we hear about the raw material. If we speak about  raw materials, in fact, it is the beauty of 3D Printing is customer will be having the choice of selection of raw material for their product. From an environmentally friendly and biodegradable […]

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