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3D Printing in UAE – World’s largest Offshore Wind Turbine 3D Printed!!

3D Printing in UAE – Additive manufacturing is making headlines for the increasing number of sustainable building and other environment friendly contributions. 3D Printing technology is again in the news as the American giant General Electric (GE) has announced the signing of a partnership with Fraunhofer IGCV and Voxeljet to develop a new 3D printer capable of designing the […]

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3D Printed Origami Ventilation System to fight Covid-19- UAE 3D Printing!!

UAE 3D Printing – A team of researchers from Simon Fraser University in Canada recently developed a 3D-printed ventilation system to fight Covid-19. They developed the 3D printed ventilation system, inspired from the art of Japanese folding, known as “origami”. By following the “origami” method, team achieved the ventilation system in less weight, size and […]

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Turn recycled plastic into farming tools!! Best 3D Printing company in Dubai

3D Printing company in Dubai – Researchers at the UK’s Loughborough University have managed to turn polymeric refuse collected on the African continent into low-cost agricultural tools for local farmers there.  3D Printing company in Dubai Working as part of the ‘Circular Plastics Project,’ the team has recycled discarded bottles into a processable filament, before 3D printing […]

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Dubai 3D Printing Companies – IRIS 3D Printing is the best!!

Dubai 3D Printing Companies:  3D Printing technology is now becoming a main stream technology for production and manufacturing. 3D Printing is heading to a very bright future as it carries all potential and almost every companies are incorporating additive manufacturing to their production line. From Marine, automotive to consumer goods, companies across industries are becoming […]

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3D Printing automobile parts

3D Printing automobile parts – Radford, the famous coach building firm blending the traditional technology with the latest additive manufacturing technology to bring out their prestigious limited edition “Lotus type 62-2 race car” (3dprintingindustry.com). This British carmaker is remaking 62 limited edition versions of the 1960s icon, with each featuring over 500 3D printed parts, […]

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3D Printed Furniture in UAE

3D Printed furniture in UAE – 3D Printed furniture is no more a strange dream to the market. 3D Printing has already evolved as a successful manufacturing tool to many industries. Furniture industry also have no exception and this industry too embraced additive manufacturing aka 3D Printing technology for its seamless capabilities. 3D Printing has […]

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