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3D Printing…!! with what 3d printing materials?

3D Printing Materials – As working with 3D Printing technology, most common question we hear about the raw material. If we speak about  raw materials, in fact, it is the beauty of 3D Printing is customer will be having the choice of selection of raw material for their product. From an environmentally friendly and biodegradable […]


Grow your business with 3D Printing – IRIS 3D Printing Dubai

IRIS 3D Printing Dubai – 3D Printing as an emerging technology, influencing and enhancing growth of every sector and industries. 3D Printing technology has been rapidly adapted all over the world. The possibilities of 3D Printing technology are endless. At IRIS 3D Printing Dubai, we gives 3DPrinting solutions to enhance your business to the next […]


Dazzling 3D Printed Decors – IRIS 3D Solutions, shape your imaginations !!

3D Printed Decors 3D Printed Decors: IRIS 3D Solutions presents a convenience for interior designers unheard of before. We can manufacture decor, furniture, complements and show walls. This will create your customer a total unique experiences tailored to specific spaces or brands. The geometric freedom, which our state-of-the-art 3D Printing facility let you crate unlimited […]


3D Printed Molds – Precise & Perfect

3D Printed Molds – 3D Printing technology is the best way to make molds. Molds has been used in manufacturing units for making mass productions. Molds allows the manufacturer to produce the same parts many times. But, getting to the masterpiece mold, there are many challenges to face. The main hurdle is time consumption of […]

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