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3D Printing in manufacturing

3D Printing in manufacturing – 3D Printing technology is no more a “prototyping tool”. It has been come a long way and emerged as the reliable manufacturing tool for every industry. Advancement of 3D Printing, materials and instruments has resulted in low cost, feasible and quicker option for manufacturing. Traditional manufacturing has many restrictions, but […]


3D Printing in UAE – World’s largest Offshore Wind Turbine 3D Printed!!

3D Printing in UAE – Additive manufacturing is making headlines for the increasing number of sustainable building and other environment friendly contributions. 3D Printing technology is again in the news as the American giant General Electric (GE) has announced the signing of a partnership with Fraunhofer IGCV and Voxeljet to develop a new 3D printer capable of designing the […]


Best 3D Printing in Dubai – IRIS 3D Printing

Best 3D Printing in Dubai Best 3D Printing in Dubai – 3D printing is an additive technology used to manufacture parts. It is ‘additive’ in that it doesn’t require a block of material or a mold to manufacture physical objects, it simply stacks and fuses layers of material. It’s typically fast, with low fixed setup […]


Additive manufacturing services in daily life

Additive manufacturing services and its applications are becoming part of a common man and it has been grown beyond to be just as a rapid prototyping tool. From Aerospace, medical, marine, food, transportation, energy or if it is consumer products, Additive manufacturing technology is playing vital role in every industry and markets. Additive manufacturing services […]


3D Printing Dubai -Possibilities of 3D Printing projection mapping

3D Printing Projection Mapping – If you are looking for an innovative way to inspire and captivate your audience and consumers, projection mapping is a great way to animate your 3D printed displays by enhancing their texture, color and motion. 3D Printing Projection Mapping Projection mapping / video mapping are one and the same and […]


3D Printed Furniture Dubai is setting the trend now!!

3D Printed furniture Dubai – Over the last few years the world is witnessing the revolution by 3D Printing technology and witnessing this tremendous influence of this technology on almost every industry. This amazing 3D Printing technology can literally produce anything from human organs to huge skyscrapers!! 3D Printed Furniture Dubai Dubai and UAE as […]


3D Printing and Dubai – Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai

3D Printing and Dubai – Dubai and UAE is never stay behind in embracing latest technologies including 3D Printing and that is the reason they have a special and dedicated hub for 3D Printing in World Expo 2020 Dubai. This area will include a research center, academy and laboratories to help develop the technology as […]

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