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3D Printed Flooring – Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai

3D Printed flooring – To pay tribute to its creator, the famous Walt Disney Entertainment company will be revealing 3D Printed floor at one of its Theme Parks in Florida soon.  The radial, greenbelt plan displayed within the geometrically intrinsic flooring design is an actual reproduction of Walt Disney’s authentic idea for “Epcot metropolis,” a […]


3D Printed wall panels

3D Printed wall panels – Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai, largest 3D Printing facility in UAE offers customized 3D Printing for wall panels and concrete facades. At our state-of-the-art, ultra-modern 3D Printing facility in Dubai, we can offer modern 3D Printed architecture and interior decors, wall panels and wall fixtures. 3D Printed wall panels Comparing to […]


Affordable 3D Printing Services in Dubai

Affordable 3D Printing Services in Dubai – If you want to have a control over your supply-chain, then the answer is only 3D Printing Technology. It is one of many other features additive manufacturing have and it is one of the reasons behind world’s top-military forces are investing in 3D Printing technology. 3D Printing significantly […]


3D Printing in oral health

3D Printing in oral health – Contribution of 3D Printing technology in innovations and manufacturing is high and if we speak about health sector, influence of 3D Printing is considerably high. News about additive manufacturing and its usage is regularly coming from health sector. 3D Printing in oral health Recent update coming is a British […]


3D Printing UAE Companies

3D Printing UAE companies – Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai, emerging as the largest 3D Printing facility in UAE. From one-off 3D Printing to large scale 3D printing and al in industrial grade standard is now possible at Inoventive 3D Printing UAE. With its ultra-modern 3D Printing facility in UAE, one can have 3D Printed object […]


3D Printing in the world of entertainment

3D Printing in the world of entertainment – 3D Printing technology and computer aided design tool are becoming the key tools in film making, theme parks and for event producers. Large format 3D Printing machines can produce huge sculptures and props for film making and theme parks. 3D Printing in the world of entertainment Recently, […]


3D Printing Dubai automobile parts

3D Printing Dubai automobile parts – Customizations, Retrofits, unique interiors, and low volume parts for luxury vehicles is possible with 3D Printing. 3D printed automobile parts are an ideal solution for customization of vehicles for specialized use, personal preferences and for luxury vehicles that are only produced in a limited production run, so large numbers […]


Dental 3D Printing Dubai

Dental 3D Printing Dubai – In our earlier articles, we already discussed about the plentiful potential of 3D Printing technology. Possibilities of 3D Printing technologies are endless and particularly if we are speaking about use of additive manufacturing in Dental Industry. This technology is no more a new technology and it can be highly recommended […]


3D Printing service in UAE

3D Printing Service in UAE – Being competitive is key to success in any industry. For this particular reason, additive manufacturing a.k.a additive manufacturing is becoming on the spotlight for every industry and is emerging as a vital manufacturing tool. 3D Printing enables to be quicker in the market and competitive with pricing. 3D Printing […]


3D Printed shoe accessories and heel clips for NIKE!!

3D Printed shoe accessories – Good news for all NIKE fans…!! Recently Solebox teamed-up with Berlin creatives to design 10 3D Printed heel clips for the NIKE Blazer low x ACRONYM. These are replaceable heel clips and designed to be 3D printed and fitted to the special edition of Nike Blazer Lows. 3D Printed shoe […]

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