Recent Projects

At IRIS 3D Solutions, we have 3D Printed one of the most best and complex projects with the highest precision.

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Creative Architectural Model

A very complex and creative model designed for a University Project. The model is printed with upmost precision. 

Spider Man Model

A very interesting Spider Man model was printed with high precision and details Post Processing is being done to perfection.

Oil & Gas Industry Model

A Very detailed OIl & Gas industry project was printed by IRIS in a large build volume with professionl grade industrial 3D printers.

CAR Body Model

With something as big as a car can be printed in 3D with our Professional Grade Industrial Printers.

Action Figures Model

Some of the most interested projects we have done are 3D Printing cartoon and comic action figures with the highest precision.

Ancient Replica Model

Anything that can be imagined off is printed at IRIS 3D Solutions to make it a reality.

Architectural Model

We at IRIS specialise in making 3D Architectural Models with very high level of details and with ultimate post processing.

Unique Architectural Model

A unique and a very large 3D Printed Architectural Model is printed for an exhibition. 

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