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What is a 3D printer?

To understand what a 3D printer is, we have to think of a device that is capable of generating three-dimensional solid physical. It is done by the bodies by adding layer by layer of material of generally, ABS plastic.Bbut as we will see later, it is not the only material that is used.

Regarding the materials that 3D printers use to create objects, these are basically divided into PLA or ABS thermoplastics. Furthermore, the costs associated with it, such as the energy required to supply the equipment and the supplies for modelling parts, are excessively high.

How a 3D printer works

Regarding how these 3D printers do their job, in the first instance, we will need a file created with some 3D modelling software such as Autodesk Inventor. It should be noted with respect to software that in the Open Source world, there are also very ductile alternatives that can handle this type of printers. In this sense, the Open Source applications that stand out in this area are Opens CAD and Free CAD.

It should be noted that the plans for creating objects can be both created by us and downloaded from sites dedicated to this activity.

Types of 3D printers and printing materials

Today, 3D printing Dubai technologies are varied, and it seems that a standard cannot be achieved, at least in the coming years. This is due to the very youth of 3D printing, which encourages each manufacturer to develop its own technology.

3D printing

Many of us have ever dreamed of the possibility of having a tool that allows us to create solid and 3D parts directly from a simple computer. Although it seems too much to ask, and even more difficult to get, the truth is that such an artifact exists, and is called a 3D printer.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a technique that allows us to create 3D pieces, that is, with height, width, and length, of any design stored in a computer file.

Also, a part can be copied by means of a special device, basically a scanner, and then reproduced on a 3D printer. But this method is unfortunately out of reach for the average user, due to its high cost.

Due to this simplicity, practicality, and ease of use, the best 3D printers are being used more and more in many fields, not only in industry or research but also at home. It is where the user can take advantage of their capacity by printing 3D parts customized to your own needs.

Ways to make a 3D print

Although the operation of a 3D printer seems simple, the truth is that the technology behind these devices is really complex.

But fortunately, the user does not have to understand at all the operation of a 3D printer. As we do with a printer that uses paper, of which we care little and nothing about the control electronics. This ease of use of a 3D printer carries over to all types of 3D printing Dubai technologies available on the market.

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Why 3d printing in Dubai became more popular in nowadays https://3dprintingdubai.ae/why-3d-printing-in-dubai-became-more-popular-in-nowadays/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=why-3d-printing-in-dubai-became-more-popular-in-nowadays https://3dprintingdubai.ae/why-3d-printing-in-dubai-became-more-popular-in-nowadays/#respond Sat, 04 Jul 2020 10:04:21 +0000 https://3dprintingdubai.ae/?p=5072 We can recognize that 3D Printing Dubai is taking giant steps. The 3D printing madness is permeating all sectors. In reality, many predictions are being made of how this type of technology will affect the different sectors.

Building construction with 3D printing in Dubai

One of the first buildings created with 3D Printing Dubai was successfully achieved in the city of Dubai. When the city announced that by 2030 at least 25% of its new buildings would be created with these technologies. They work in collaboration with international manufacturers and a businessman from the United Arab Emirates. But it marks the beginning of the strong innovation strategy for 3D printing in Dubai and confirms that additive manufacturing could become the future of construction for the city.

Dubai has given a lot to talk about in terms of 3D printing in construction for several years. We saw the first offices created with 3D Printing Dubai, an area of 250 square meters designed as a research center for new technologies. In 2017, plans began for what will be the first skyscraper created with additive manufacturing technologies. Dubai is undoubtedly one of the cities that are developing using 3D printing technology.

Development of 3D printed residences

The companies chose additive manufacturing because it makes it easier to personalize each house without increasing construction time. The end customer can choose, for example, the desired thickness and the type of insulation. 3D technologies would also reduce the amount of waste produced and the hardness of work.

3D printing in Dubai will include multiple types of residences

Using printers to replace human work done in deplorable conditions and physical integrity is not necessarily bad. It considers the speed of construction or efficiency regarding traditional construction, but is the technology advanced enough to meet these objectives? Is it feasible?

3D printing is gaining ubiquity in real-life situations and while walls, ceilings, and even structural parts can now be made with industrial printers. The experts say these are still far from the 70% reduction in labor and to reduce 80% of the construction costs that Dubai aspires to achieve.

The 3D printing architecture combines the precision of performing a 3D design virtually with tangible results, something physical. Architects can take advantage of the move away from traditional materials to create models such as wood or foam to achieve newer designs.

Why choose 3D printing in architecture?

Choosing this type of technology in the field of architecture brings a wide variety of benefits.

Customers can view the designs object that has been 3D printed and generates a tangible object that can be touched. Having a fully detailed model of the result of the project will look like a valuable way to communicate ideas to clients.

1. Reduce the time of the creation of architectural models to scale

3D printing technology enables a design to be realized. It also makes it possible to reduce the work time required to make a scale model of the original model.

While printing is in progress, you can spend time on other critical project tasks. This is achieved because the printing will be carried out autonomously, without the need for a natural person to have to dedicate their time to its creation.

2. Model and print is of high quality and made with many materials

Gone are the days when 3D prints looked rough and pixelated. The new professional printers are capable of producing architectural models with a very high level of detail and smooth surfaces.

The number of materials that can be accessed for printing has also increased, with plastic nylon being the most popular among architects.

3. Easy to re-edit, reuse and reprint

3D printing in architecture allows excellent flexibility with models. After seeing the print, if the client requests any modification, all they have to do is edit the file with the new requirements.

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The Future of 3D Printing in Dubai https://3dprintingdubai.ae/the-future-of-3d-printing-in-dubai/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-future-of-3d-printing-in-dubai https://3dprintingdubai.ae/the-future-of-3d-printing-in-dubai/#respond Wed, 01 Jul 2020 12:00:27 +0000 https://3dprintingdubai.ae/?p=5056 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that is used by creators all around the world to create 3D models. Additive manufacturing is nothing but adding up multiple layers to create a final model. It helps us to create complex structures using very fewer items and less time. 3D printing technology is growing rapidly today, and Dubai is one of the most developed cities which is using this technology to bring modernity into the world. 3D Printing in Dubai, according to the current statistics, every building in Dubai will be 3D printed up to 25% of its construction from the year 2019 and there will be on or off about 2% increase from thereon. Not only the civil and the architectural department but even the health Authorities of Dubai are demanding the usage of 3D printing in their resources.

Reception of 3D printing has arrived at minimum amount as the individuals who presently can’t seem to coordinate added substance fabricating someplace in their flexible chain are currently part of an ever-contracting minority. Where 3D printing was just appropriate for prototyping and coincidental assembling in the beginning phases, it is presently quickly changing into a creative innovation. 

What is the future of 3d printing in Dubai

Industries are planning on using this technology to build teeth, bones, and various other organs that may be used in organ transplantation in the coming future. They can be used to make hearing devices, devices used in surgeries, and many other physical objects. Not only these but 3D printing is also being used to make jewelry, video games, Children toys, and maybe even food if it is developed without harmful effects. This technology will likely reach 300 billion dollars by the year 2025. One of the main advantages of using 3D printing is that the waste generated will be very minimal hence making the earth a cleaner place to live in.

3D printing, in general, can increase the profit range of a company by millions at one go. Industries like eyewear or footwear are benefited the most. Even in fields like biotechnology, aeronautical industries, massive tools, and machines can be made just by using computer software at a much faster and cheaper rate.

As it develops, 3D printing innovation is bound to change pretty much every significant industry and change how we live, work, and play later on.

Advantages of 3D printing:

  • Complex machines can be built with minimal effort.
  • Less time consuming
  • More efficient
  • A million-dollar industry.
  • Can produce customised items.
  • Positive profitability
  • Market share improvements

Achievements of 3D technology in Dubai:

  • The surgeons of Dubai replaced the jaw of a teenage girl who was suffering from a very deadly tumour by using the 3D printing technology. How? The CT scan was made into a physical model which was used by the researchers and the surgeons to experiment on to create a treatment plan. Based on these findings a Titanium jaw implant was printed and then fixed to the patient who turned out to be healthy and happy after the surgery.
  • A house was built for the first time in the Arabian Ranches completely by using the 3D printing technology. This structure turned out to be one of the most significant designs of all times which was manufactures in very less duration. This resulted in the developer getting awarded by giving him a partnership with the International 3D printing technology. 
  • Distribution transformers were built
  • Kingdom tower was printed recently using this technology
  • Power transformers were built


3D printing is today’s trend and is being used widely in all the developing cities. Though it does take some amount of time to increase its market, the advantages are numerous. Dubai being one of the extensively developed cities uses 3D technology to manufacture several ongoing projects. Engineers all around are getting benefited using this technology. It is told that this 3D printing market will reach around 41 billion dollars by the year 2026 making it a global tech which in turn is going to transform the whole industry into something unimaginable

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