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3D Printing is reshaping the world!!

3D Printing Dubai 3D Printing Dubai – IRIS 3D Solutions, leader in 3D Printing in UAE, now offers large scale 3D Printing. Few years ago, the idea of printing something real and physical object was mostly considered as unrealistic idea and it was only seen in science fictions !! 3DPrinting technology just changing the concept […]

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3D Printing and Projection Mapping

3D Printed models are now becoming interactive with projection mapping. At IRIS 3D Printing Dubai, we makes your imaginations literally live !! We have the latest available 3D Printing technology to get you the most realistic models in any sizes and shapes. We combines our 3D Printing capabilities to the most advanced augmented reality technology […]

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IRIS 3D Printing in Dubai offers a portfolio of large format 3D printers that leverage patented, high-speed additive manufacturing technology to serve multiple industries including automotive 3D Printing, marine 3D Printing, construction or architectural scale models, entertainment, and visual communications.    In our 3D Printing facility in Dubai, we produce full-scale prototypes, molds and models within […]

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GIANT sized 3D Printing in Dubai – get it with IRIS 3D Solutions – the best 3D Printing company

IRIS 3D Printing in Dubai, UAE is upgrading and expanding its facility with latest 3D printing machines. The new division will offer 3D prints, on-demand service. They are now capable for printing GIANT size 3D Printing with long-lasting and durable material and can print 10 times faster than any other printers available in Dubai. The […]

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How far we can supplement Traditional Manufacturing Methods with 3D Printing?

IRIS 3D Printing in Dubai is offering 3D Printing services for manufacturing facilities. Hybrid production techniques are expanding the material palette of 3D printing and complementing traditional manufacturing methods. The methods outlined in this article is for case study and can be used for custom applications. Injection molding; With 3D printers, temperature-resistant 3D printing materials […]

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3D Printing and Affordable housing

Affordable housing is always being a concern for every nation. So many studies were going on for the solution and finally 3D Printing can give the answer for affordable and sustainable housing. 3D printing or additive manufacturing, Often called the technology of the future has everything it takes to pave the way for next-generation construction […]

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Affordable 3D Printing service in Dubai

IRIS 3D Solutions offers the best affordable 3D Printing service for your project. Let it be an individual project or an industrial /corporate project, you can trust IRIS 3D Solutions as they have state-of-the-art printing facility with professional designers. In past, troubling issue for 3D Printing was its price. But, the help of advanced technology […]

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