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additive manufacturing Dubai

Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing, is a key component of the fourth industrial revolution. It involves automating and digitizing industry and business processes. Throughout history, industrial revolutions have occurred as technology and concepts change, impacting industrial development. These changes in technology greatly accelerate methods of production and bring about economic and social transformations. Society has experienced three previous industrial revolutions in the 19th and 20th centuries, leading to progress in all aspects of life.

Additive Manufacturing

Since 2014, our industry, society and economy have been experiencing a new change initiated by fourth industrial revolution. These changes paved for a different innovative technologies that give rise to flexible, intelligent and autonomous solutionsThis change implies the digital transformation of industry and companies with the integration of new disruptive technologies: 3D printing, IoT, cyber-physical systems (CPS), cybersecurity, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and big data. This gives rise to the industry of the future or Smart Factory.

3D Printing have a great impact and carries potential to make huge changes in our society. Main advantage of 3D Printing technology, is it has not limited to any particular industry or manufacturing process. Benefit of this technology can be extended to each and every sector. From health, food, construction, marine, aerospace, you just name it…

Keeping this huge potential in our mind, we at IRIS 3D Printing Dubai  recently expanded our 3D Printing facility with ultra-fast, super sized 3D Printers and ready to serve according to your demand. We are now capable for making large scale 3D Printing or wide format 3D Printing in very less time. We offer 3D Printed furniture, 3D Printed home decors, 3D Printed custom design wall partitions, 3D Printed automobile parts, 3D Printed marine parts 3D Printed Boat Hulls, 3D Printed stand-out bill boards, Super Sized 3D Printed Mannequins and sculptures etc.

Being the best additive manufacturing in Dubai, IRIS 3D promises best 3D Printing services in UAE in shortest TAT. Please feel free to Call/Whatsapp +971 52 598 8448 | | Email:

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