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Technology has revolutionized the 3D Jewellery Design industry. Using 3D printer to make jewellery, we have been creating the most unique jewelry designs and molds for the jewelry manufacturing industry in GCC.

3D Customized Jewelry Design Services in Dubai

We specialise in creating customised finished jewelry based on our client’s request employing high resolution 3d printer for jewellery making. 3D Printing at 16 microns resolution we create the most intricate high detailed jewellery.

Our competence of using 3D printer for jewellery making have been recognised and acknowledged by our clients for years now!

CAD Designing

Computer-aided design and manufacturing technology enables us at Inoventive 3D, jewelry to design and produce a piece from a simple sketch provided by a client. Using the latest software programs such as Rhino, Matrix and JewelCad, we generate high-precision models and designs with incredible accuracy and amazing detail. Your simple sketch…or even a simple discussion…starts a process that allows you to actually see your pieces in virtual reality. We can then work together to adjust and perfect the design to meet your exact vision, ultimately resulting in a completely manufactured piece all within our state-of- the-art facility.

3D Customized Jewelry
3D Printed Jewelries

3D Printing

3d printing has revolutionised the jewellery industry , and our fascination with the process left us motivated to invest in this dynamic technology. Today, 3-D printing at XOMOX is generally the next step after 3-D design modeling in CAD and is used as a modern alternative to wax carving. Once printed, we give our clients the option to use our subsequent manufacturing processes. If you have a 3-D jewelry design file and would like to make use of our printing services, we accept all of the most commonly used file formats, including: .STL, .OBJ, .STEP, .IEGS, .RHINO, .PRT, and .SLC.

Mold Making

Mold is a the key component when creating multiple pieces of jewelry. Correctly made and cut mold is the first step in jewelry production manufacturing process. Our highly experienced mold cutters will expertly cut the molds for you avoiding parting lines to insure good quality waxes. we specialise in creating silicone molds .These non-shrinking molds also referred as cold molds are excellent for high-detail reproductions of fragile models as well as the hard ones for a low-volume production basis

model making


By maintaining a contamination-free environment throughout the entire casting process, the possibility of the introduction of any impurity is eliminated. Our metals are melted and poured in a highly computer controlled vacuum environment. Our latest state-of-the-art casting machines are equipped with the computer controlled programs in order to maintain exact control over the entire casting process, ensuring the highest quality porosity-free castings.

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